Patch EOFY Wrap Up

As the dust has all but settled on another financial year, we thought we’d take a quick look back at what we’ve achieved at Patch over the last 12 months, how the market has changed and what we’ve been doing about it.


Here’s what we discovered:

Boom times, but not for everyone. The 2021-22 financial year saw one of the largest property booms Australia has seen yet. But while the housing market blew its socks off and high-end luxury apartments in highly sought-after locations sold like hotcakes, off-the-plan apartments continued to be a tough sell.

32 projects done and dusted. We completed 32 property marketing projects last financial year, from multi-stage residential precincts to boutique luxury developments and land estates. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with clients on real estate rebrands and non-property-related lifestyle brands and campaigns.

“Our success” is an interesting phrase for what we do. Because we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ development teams, we genuinely believe we only succeed when they do. Seeing projects achieve remarkable performance goals is our whole business objective.

Nevertheless, we’ll never underestimate the powerhouse that is our creative team. Focusing on animations and engaging content to tell our clients’ brand and development stories, they’ve knocked it out of the park this year—and we can’t wait to share what’s coming up next with you.

COVID changed how buyers think. The COVID pandemic has revolutionised consumer behaviour. We’re noticing now that we need to focus more on meaningful and purposeful content to drive project enquiries because buyers are no longer responding as actively to traditional property marketing campaigns.

That’s why we’re concentrating our marketing efforts on telling stories about what the development can actually do for consumers (rather than simply explaining what the development looks like).

What does this mean? We take time to help buyers see themselves living in a development, whether shopping a storm or enjoying a meal at ground retail outlets, taking Fido for a stroll in the hip local park down the road, or soaking the sun next to the rooftop infinity pool.

Creating a tangible digital experience has proved the key to connecting with buyers. Your campaign needs to be relevant to your target market and resonate with their deep emotional needs for security, happiness, lifestyle, and connection. That’s how we’re pushing the needle post-pandemic.

What’s next at Patch?

We’ve got plans to keep building our strategic offering in the coming year because we believe now, more than ever, strategy based on measurable data is vital to project success. Here’s what Georgia, our CEO & creative-in-chief, has to say about it:

“Establishing campaign strategy and objectives based on market data during a development lifecycle’s earliest phase is helping our clients determine where and how their marketing dollars are deployed. This, coupled with hot branding and storytelling content that directly engages buyers, creates the strongest platform for any development in the current climate.”